October 1-2, 2022



Attendees can request a meeting with your Company!

  • This event will be offering the capability for registered attendees to Request a Meeting by clicking on the Request Meeting Button in your Booth.
  • Once they click on the button they will be able to select a date and time (that you control, within show hours) to request a meeting.
  • Once they complete the request meeting form, everyone in your booth will receive a notification of the new request.
    • To turn off receiving the emailed meeting¬† requests, login to My Account, go to My Profile, Edit and change the “Receive company meeting request emails (Exhibitors Only): to no
  • Review/Respond to Meeting Requests
    • The meeting request will appear in the ECC, under Company Meetings.¬†
      • Click on View Details to view the meeting information, and to Accept or Decline
        • Accepting: Once you accept you can add a custom message including meeting info such as the meeting phone number or Zoom meeting link, and then assign the meeting to a staff person.
        • Decline: If you decline you can also send a message/reason.
        • Cancel: If you cancel you can also send a message/reason.
  • Set Your Meeting Availability
    • You must indicate if you’d like your company to accept meeting requests. Availability will determine if the Request a Meeting button appears in your booth.
      • Simply go to the Meeting Availability tab, and indicate if you’d like your company to accept meeting requests.
      • Once you indicate Yes, you will see a list of days and times. All times in Green are when you are Open, Click on a green to turn it off (Grey)
  • That’s It!

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